Your guide, Capt. Cal Robinson is a full time, registered Maine
Guide and Licensed US Coast Guard Captain.  He specializes in
guiding walking hunts for the top birds for a pointing dog, the
Ruffed Grouse and the Bob White Quail, and training the dogs that
make it possible.

In the summer, he charters his boat, "The Amy Vee" in Saco Bay, Maine for
Striped Bass. In the Fall, he guides for Grouse and Woodcock at Grants
Camps, Kennebago, Me. Choosing to spend the late fall and  winter in Kansas
due to the ideal climate and plentiful Quail, he will bring his expertise to
every hunt making for a most memorable and enjoyable experience.

He has trained his own dogs for over forty years and has a string of
experienced dogs that are hard running and possess exquisite style, both
pointing and on the go.

The Bobwhite Quail is arguably the best quarry for a pointing dog. Their
propensity to hold tight and move in coveys makes for exciting dog work and
intense shooting.