The month of October is devoted to guiding Grouse and Woodcock hunter
at Grant's Camps on Kennebago Lake near Rangeley, Maine.

Grouse Season 2014
For the second year in a row, warm weather had an interesting
affect on our hunting season.  On the negative side the Grouse
Hunting really never got going.  The warm weather allowed the
Grouse to loaf in the Black Growth (Fir and Spruce) and not
spend a lot of time in their feeding areas where we hunt them.

We usually have a few hard frosts by the time October 1st rolls
around but this year once again it was the middle of the month
before we had a hard, killing frost.  This cold weather breaks
up the family groups and causes the birds to spend more time
in the cover feeding where we can hunt them with our dogs.
Without the cold weather we just don't see as many birds.  

The mild weather did allow for one of the longest and strongest
Woodcock seasons I've seen in 40 years.  The little birds were
available in good numbers right from the beginning of the
second week of the season until the end of October when I
ended my hunting.  We enjoyed some "champagne" type
shooting and dog work on the Woodcock and the last week of
the season were generally able to limit out in the morning
which left the afternoon to chase Grouse.  
Once again we did not loose any hunting days to the weather.  We had one of our young dogs (French
Britt.....Gunny) take a stick right down his throat.  A couple of Vets that were staying at the Lodge
removed it and he was hunting again after only missing three days.  He did an excellent job for a first
year dog and were really proud of him.  Our setters, Joy & Dee are in their prime and are both very
experienced, big running Grouse Dogs.  Danny, our pointer is now 10 1/2 and had an excellent  season.  
This is remarkable for me as all my other pointers had passed away before their 10th birthday.

This is our eighth season guiding out of Grant's Camp and once again the food, lodging and staff were
excellent.  Sharing a couple of days with good sportsman in the golden month of October in the scenic
mountains of Western Maine is a privilege that I both enjoy and appreciate.

I will be firming up my schedule for the 2015 season by the end of March and will take reservations at
that time.  We had a lot of fun again this season and I look forward to seeing my friends  this fall as we
take on the toughest bird hunting challenge in the uplands.................................................Cal Robinson   
January 2015